Rc warbird balsa kits

Actual shipping will be added when shipped. Scale Cockpits. Pink-it Products. See Temp Products. Sanding Tools. Prop Kits. Foam Wings. Contact Us. We have aquired the Pink-It line of products! Click here to see the line of pinking tapes. Get your instructions here, CD's will no longer be included in the kits. Top Gun Aircraft line of jets is now available from Rick Jacobson.

New Items:. Wicker Seats. Fuel Doors. Check out the new Accessories page. Click here to see what we have! If there isn't an 'add to cart button' yet we are adding them as fast as we can for your product, you can:.

Phone, FAX, mail, or email your order using the contact information listed on this website.

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International Orders:. All rights reserved. Click HERE to view products. Please e-mail pictures to us if you want your cockpit shown on our web site!Welcome to Mountain Models, your source for quality laser cut radio control electric model airplane kits that are made in the USA. Mountain Models kits include trainer model airplane kits, electric parkflyer kits, scale warbird kits, scale civilian kits, DLG Discus Launch Gliderssport aerobatic airplane kits, pattern airplane kits, 3D airplane kits, sailplane kits, and short kits.

Nick Ziroli Plans

Mountain Models also carries the accessories needed for electric model airplanes such as; brushless electric motors, ESC's electronic speed controllersservos, receivers, SoLite covering, SolarTrim, LiPo batteries, and electric model airplane kit building supplies. We're always working on new and interesting items, so keep an eye out for new kits. I have shipped as many orders as I could, and have 4 kits cut and ready to be packaged.

I am slowly catching up and thank you for your patience. Thank you, -Brian. Please note that this will probably take a bit, as I am limited to a couple hours a day right now. Some of you know that the last year has been rough, with the last months being especially trying. I re-injured my back, back surgery, divorce, learning to balance the half-time parent thing, hernia, hernia surgery, CO family issues, massive hacking of my email and personal accounts, other personal items, and then CoVid; in which the isolation finally broke me.

I have so many emails, voice mails, and orders to catch up on, that it's going to take a bit. Please be patient just a bit longer, as I will be issuing refunds to those who requested it, processing the remaining orders, and continuing production. Social Media. Mountain Models. Featured Products. Mountain Models SpookE Micro. Mountain Models PeregrinE Micro. Mountain Models Roland c.

II Walfisch. Mountain Models HiperBipe. Mountain Models Round2it. Mountain Models Tom-E-Boy Mountain Models Art Chester's Jeep.

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Current Specials. Castle Creations Berg Micro Crystal. Sport 30A. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. Advanced Search. Account Login. Email Address Password Forgot Password?

5 Awesome RC Warbirds (that you want to build)

Shopping Cart. What's New? II Walfisch was one of the most advanced aircraft when it first appeared in March It featured a sleek Our model is a parkflye It was named after a character from the popular Popey Can't remember what settings are program Castle Creations Phoenix 25 Brushless ESC Castle Creations speed controllers are the finest available in the modeling industry and they are made right here in Castle Creations Thunderbird 36 Brushless ESC Castle Creations speed controllers are the finest available in the modeling industry and they are made right here in thePrecision Cut Kits is a manufacturer of laser cut kits, and parts and accessories for RC model aircraft.

My name is Patrick Wallace, I am the owner of the company. My company takes care of the plans, plastic parts, fiberglass parts and other types of accessories for these prominent brands. In case your wish list does not include the above name, do not worry. Those companies plan sets are available direct from them.

If you want to know if your plan set came from PCK then look for the seal.

rc warbird balsa kits

Our kits will match our original plan sets. We will not service anyone who uses a fraudulent copy of our plans or parts. All of our plan sets are printed by a commercial printer assuring consistency and quality.

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We are not responsible for matching our quality parts to an illegal copy of our plans. We do ship world wide just drop us a email for help or order directly through our shop on our website. Thank you. My team is committed to providing quality work, and for all of us at Precision Cut Kits, good customer service is the first priority. The product catalog of my company has over kits and accessories for you to choose from.

At Precision Cut Kits, my mission is to use the best materials to build the products, and make them available to you at competitive prices. I also provide a day limited warranty on laser wood cut kits. Check out the Products to know more. I am looking forward to talking to you. So, contact me today! Welcome to Precision Cut Kits! About Us.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ziroli Plans offers a full line of Giant scale warbird and civilian airplane plans, components, and accessories. Welcome, Login Remember. Forgot your password Sign up for a free account. Cart is empty. Mecklenburg R. Patterson, G. Jordan, F. Full Line of Airplanes. Nick Ziroli Plans. Full size scale model Plans. Civillian and Warbird Plans. Vintage and Modern Planes. Learn More.

Scale Airplane Products. Engines and Engine Accessories. Improved Performance. Customizable Scale Plane Parts. Gas Engines and Electric Motors.

Variety of Propellers and Propeller Accessories. For the Serious Modeler.More info on the home page. RC Warbirds! They're fun to build, fun to fly. The best thing about Warbird RC models? They tell a story Building your own RC airplane from a kit is exciting on it's own, but the airplane you pick makes a big difference.

Obviously the way it's build, but also the story it tells and what it means to you. Do you wanna build a classic? It's very cool to imagine flying a plane that fought in the second World War, changing the course of human history. Want to try something unique?

It's not as fun to always see the same planes. It's all the more special to have someone come up to you and ask you about the unique build you're showing off. So in this post, we will talk about 5 Warbirds. From the classics to the obscure. From the easy builders to the expert kits. Here goes P takes off from Iwo Jima. This airplane literally changed the course of the war.

It is regarded as one of the finest piston engine air crafts produced in high numbers. Army Air Forces. More than They were used in almost every major battle in Europe and was even active in the Korean War. But the dominance of the P51 would not have been possible without an upgrade with the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, which allowed it to reach higher altitudes and compete with German fighters.

rc warbird balsa kits

We actually offer two versions of the P51 "Mustang" as an airplane kit. Check out our "B version" and our "V2".All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion. Other Customer Pictures Shipping. Contact Us: questions nationalbalsa.

rc warbird balsa kits

Or call am - 4pm est. We are happy to help! Nick Ziroli's line of giant scale warbird and civilian airplanes have gained the enviable reputation for being among the most "flyable" giant scale models available. We are not the designer of the aircraft and cannot be responsible for the designers flaws - such as parts missing from the cut plans or materials not listed.

We cut directly off of the plans and include what Ziroli requires for the build. Plans and accessories can be found at www.

These kits are not recommended for first time builders. All kits are non returnable. All of the completion material included in the full kit is what Ziroli requires according to his plans to assemble the airplane. Short kits only include the laser cut parts and no sheeting or stick material is included. We have sold hundreds of all of these kits with little complaints, however if you feel there is an error and something else should be included please reach out and we will do the best we can to resolve any problems you may encounter.

A-1 Skyraider Short Kit Ziroli. AT6 Texan short kit Ziroli. B25 Mitchell short kit ziroli. B25 Mitchell " short kit ziroli. D Staggerwing short kit Ziroli.

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This short kit contains laser cut parts only, no sheeting or sticks. ErCoupe short kit Ziroli. F9F Panther Short kit Ziroli. This short kit contains laser cut pieces only.

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